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A Fishing Experience for Everyone

Shore fishing. Beach fishing. Surf casting. Drone Fishing. Lure Fishing. Bait Fishing.

The beauty of working with Shoreboys is the variety of options we can provide. No fishing experience is the same, so we offer a diverse range of packages that allow you to tailor a beach fishing experience to your preference and/or skill level. Whether you want a romantic night on a secluded beach, or an intense fishing mission - we’re here to provide it. Benefit from our experience as you learn different surf fishing techniques all while enjoying ocean views and remote beach environments. 4x4 and baja style off-road conditions will almost always apply. Location varies according to where the fish are feeding, the wind, and the tides.

Some of our most popular packages include:

  • Early morning fishing
  • Late night fishing
  • Drone fishing
  • Sunset fire, wine & charcuterie fishing
  • Targeted species fishing
  • Camping trips to the Sea of Cortez, East Cape, & La Paz … and more

Depending on your group, we can accommodate small or large gatherings, Bachelor/Bachelorette excursions, birthday celebrations, corporate retreats, company functions, wedding parties and other special requests.

Shoreboys uses an array of tackle for your opportunity to catch and land Rooster fish, Snappers, Jack Crevalle, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Giant Needlefish, Triggerfish, Groupers, Triple Tail, Bonita, Yellowtail Kingfish, Bluefin Trevally, “Mud Marlin” Stingrays, Amberjack, Bonefish, Hawkfish, Skipjack, Mahi-Mahi, several kinds of Sharks…and the list goes on! An incredible array of species remains available to us year-round in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez.

No matter which fishing trip you choose, Shoreboys will come prepared with everything that's needed to show you an incredible time. We take our responsibility as guides and ambassadors of surf casting very seriously. Although beach fishing doesn’t require a boat, you need the right tools to successfully land fish in these waves.

We’ll provide you with everything you need, including:

  • Century, CTS, and St. Croix rods
  • Daiwa Saltist MQ spinning reels
  • 8x Rikimaru Fierceness braided line

Fresh seasonal bait, weighted sinking/floating lures, & other various tackle Lights and headlamps SwellPro and DJI Drones Sunblock, firstaid, & water/coffee … and more

You don’t have to worry about lacking any specialized equipment—we’ve already packed it for you. We use nothing but the best! We’ve tested everything necessary to have the best fishing experience you could hope for.