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Honesty and Integrity - It's not ALL about fishing?

Our company was founded on the tradition of having a great shore fishing experience every morning with friends. It all started with three guys who met fishing the beaches of Cabo… all with different backgrounds, skill levels, & each with our own different fishing techniques. The one thing that brought us together was our love for shore fishing & catching big fish. But, truth be told, it's not always about fishing. Our famous line is we don’t catch fish every day, but we usually catch more than 7 a week! Some days throughout the season it’s simply whale watching together as they breach just yards from the shoreline, or watching the elegance and precision of pelicans diving for food. Other days it's clapping along with a mega school of loudly splashing mobulas, or casting with pods of jumping dolphins off in the distance. It may be a perfectly placed lure on a thrashing rooster fish, assisting small baby turtles on their very first quest to the waves, or simply wondering what will eat the massive bait we just dropped using the drone. Whether we catch fish or not, having a great experience with friends is what Shoreboys is all about.